Plasmatreat Test Inks: Measuring surface energy

The surface energy measures how well a certain material or substrate is wetted by a liquid and is therefore a key indicator of how well paints, inks and adhesives cover and adhere to different surfaces.

Plasmatreat Test Inks are an ideal tool to determine this surface energy and thus form an integral part of your in-house quality assurance process.

Our Ethanol-based test inks, that we keep on stock here in Singapore, range from very low surface energy values of 28 mN/m (dyne) up to very high surface energy levels of 72 mN/m (dyne) which corresponds to full water wettability. They come in 10ml bottles and are available in increments of 2 mN/m (dyne).

All test ink orders are subject to a minimum order quantity of 7 bottles. The denominations of the different bottles can be freely chosen and they are packed in a practical and durable carry case. For larger orders we also offer a carry case for up to 22 bottles.

To order your Plasmatreat Test Inks, please get in touch with us via or website or phone.

For more details on the test ink method, visit this page or download our brochure.


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