The Openair® Plasma System Components: plasma nozzles, generators, and process monitoring

Openair® plasma systems for customized surface treatment can be integrated inline in existing manufacturing processes with outstanding results.

The main system components of Openair® atmospheric pressure plasma technology are the plasma nozzles and plasma generators. Each plasma nozzle can also be optionally equipped with three-fold process monitoring.

  • Targeted surface treatment based on nozzle types and combinations

    The plasma nozzles aimed at the material generate and distribute the plasma...
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  • Plasma Generators: central control and management

    Plasma generators serve to provide output power and, in conjunction with complete pretreatment stations, assume various control functions...
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  • For the greatest process capability: three-fold Openair® plasma process monitoring

    Openair® plasma systems offer more than 99% availability, giving our Plasmatreat customers the greatest process capability....
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