Openair-Plasma® technology: Atmospheric plasma systems, plasma system components and test inks

  • Openair-Plasma® system components: plasma nozzles, generators and process monitoring

    Openair-Plasma® equipment comprises three basic components: plasma nozzles with application-specific nozzle tips, plasma generators, and Openair® process monitoring.
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  • Openair-Plasma® systems: efficient, uncomplicated inline pretreatment for almost any process

    Openair-Plasma® technology with atmospheric pressure makes possible efficient, economical inline processes and customized design of overall production.
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  • Measuring surface energy with test inks and goniometers as the starting point for plasma treatment

    The most important procedures in determining surface energy are the test ink method (testing inks), contact angle measurement, and dynamic measurement with the Surface Analyst™ goniometer.
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  • Get your Plasmatreat Test Inks today!

    Our Ethanol-based test inks, that we keep on stock here in Singapore, range from very low surface energy values of 28 mN/m (dyne) up to very high surface energy levels of 72 mN/m (dyne) which corresponds to full water wettability. They come in 10ml bottles and are available in increments of 2 mN/m (dyne).
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