Aircraft construction has seen a fundamental shift in the materials used in that industry. In the past, aluminum alloys were used almost exclusively for aircraft outer skin and stringers. Today, these components are manufactured primarily from carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

The first industrial application of these materials goes back to 2007, when Boeing used them in its B787 and Dreamliner aircraft. CFRP has been further enhanced since then and today the Airbus A350WXB consists of more than 40% CFRP materials, to cite one example.

Surface treatment with Plasma in aircraft construction is an innovation driver that offers many outstanding advantages:

  • Plasma pretreatment improves stability of CFRP components.
  • Openair® plasma enables reliable high-quality processing in downstream bonding and painting operations.
  • Openair® plasma makes possible for the first time selective, robot-guided inline plasma pretreatment on large-format components.

Aurora Plasma technology: Cleaning of carbon composite components prior to painting or bonding

One example of the use of the Aurora plasma technology is the pretreatment of carbon fiber turbine blades prior to structural bonding with the turbine metal hub. This combination of materials allows the construction of light and quiet turbine engines.

Plasma treatment for processes with maximum reliability and reproducibility

One clear advantage of the Aurora low-pressure plasma process is the plasma’s ability to penetrate gaps and crevices and the possibility of treating complex geometries on all sides. All treatment steps can be clearly defined in terms of sequence, intensity and formulation. During the treatment cycle, ionizable functional gases and fluids are processed inside the low-pressure chamber. The method is simple and easily reproducible.

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