Ideal for manufacturing highly-sensitive electronics: atmospheric and low-pressure plasma

In the electronics industry, Plasma pretreatment is a key asset for achieving cost-effectiveness and process reliability. For transparent, scratch-proof coating of displays, it significantly reduces the reject rate and ensures a flawless appearance. When printing electrically conductive coatings on printed circuit boards, prior plasma activation, microfine cleaning and electrostatic discharge ensure that the coating will adhere securely. In chip packaging, Openair® microfine cleaning eliminates the need for a vacuum chamber.

  • Displays – gentle pretreatment and coating for sensitive electronic components

    The Openair® plasma process is a surface treatment with the unique feature that it is completely potential free. Plasma coatings also protected vulnerable displays...
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  • Printed circuit boards – plasma treatment with zero volts for sensitive electronics

    Any pretreatment method that even comes close to conducting electrical potential creates shorts resulting in the destruction of layout and components...
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  • Wafers/chips – optimized semiconductor manufacturing through atmospheric plasma treatment

    A vacuum is no longer required for plasma treatment – for example when cleaning wafers or during chip bonding – so process flows can be greatly simplified...
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  • Mobile telephones – plasma pretreatment for VOC-free finishes

    Environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies and avoiding the use of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in mobile telephone production...
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  • Atmospheric plasma and low-pressure plasma treatment for durable LED lamps

    LED technology has developed at a very rapid pace for general-purpose lighting applications. Compared to traditional lighting technologies, LEDs have some outstanding advantages
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  • Plasma treatment for hybrid components such as plugs and connectors

    From high-voltage lines to surface mount components (SMDs), plastic-to-metal bonds are commonly used to fix electrical contacts and protect them against external environmental (weather) conditions.
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  • Aurora plasma technology for manufacturing flexible electronic components

    Flexible electronics is one of the most popular and rapidly emerging technologies. Worldwide, designers and engineers are developing smart, wearable electronic systems with useful, often complex functions.
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