Top quality for superior consumer goods: plasma assures secure bonding without solvents

Consumers are expecting more and more from the products they buy: flawless printing and coating on high-gloss surfaces, durable adhesive bonds, furniture edges with zero bondlines, pollutant-free production, new innovative material combinations, surfaces with dirt-repellent, non-stick, sterilizing or flame-retardant functional coatings – to name but a few examples. Openair® Plasma and PlasmaPlus® pave the way for innovative and cost-effective solutions in many different application areas.

  • Furniture – new lean production processes with plasma-sealing of furniture edges

    Plasma pre-treatment for MDF, WPC, PVC, and PP, as well as wood, achieves superior surface activation with the simple physical principle of Openair® plasma...
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  • Appliances – better quality thanks to highly precise, selective activation

    Openair® Plasma pre-treatment can be automated using robots and easily implemented in the manufacturing process. Once it has been integrated, this system delivers reliably monitored and reproducible surface pretreatment with the push of a button...
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  • Children’s toys – plasma means secure adhesion of non-toxic water-based inks

    Using Openair® Plasma, the high surface tensions required for processing the most diverse materials can be precisely achieved, and most importantly with a purely physical process, free of chemicals. Water-based inks adhere beautifully with long-lasting stability...
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  • Sporting goods – easy, cost-effective integration of plasma technology in shoe manufacturing lines

    To combine environmental responsibility with new material mixes requires high performance physical pre-treatment of the materials used...
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  • Eyewear - functional plasma coatings for glasses and lenses

    Low-pressure plasma processes and Openair® Plasma processes create scratch-proof layers, anti-reflection and anti-fogging coatings - in one manufacturing line.
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