Openair® Plasma in the packaging industry: sophisticated designs at high speed and low cost

Plasma pretreatment has proved to be an especially efficient method in the packaging industry. In extruding plastic films, printing and bonding of non-polar materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene and recycled materials, Openair® Plasma is a key technology for cost-effective and environmentally responsible manufacturing. PlasmaPlus® nano-coating also helps to create new barrier properties for food packages.

  • Plastic packaging – extremely long-lasting plasma activation opens up new possibilities

    The packaging industry can no longer get by without physical surface pretreatment. It’s become a necessary step in extruding plastic films and using non-polar materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene and recycled materials...
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  • Board and paper – modern folding cartons to meet the most demanding design and quality requirements

    When integrated inline, plasma activation creates ideal surface properties for subsequent process steps, such as gluing, printing or laminating...
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  • Glass/metal packages – cost-effective, high quality finishes thanks to plasma pretreatment

    For both types of packaging, high quality standards are required for the color application. The all-purpose, potential-free Openair® Plasma process is an especially effective support for this coating process...
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