Innovative solutions for medical technology and the life sciences with Openair® and Aurora Plasma

Sterilizing microcleaning with Openair® Plasma, facilitating new material combinations for implants, functional coating of instruments, clothing and equipment, pretreatment of microfluidics or balloon catheters with Aurora Plasma – all of these open up new options in medical technology and the life sciences.

  • Medical technology – simple processes with dry, physical plasma treatment

    Manufacturing processes in medical technology demand the highest possible standards that far exceed the demands in most other industries. Surfaces must be not just clean but absolutely flawless or sterile...
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  • Chemistry/biochemistry – plasma chemistry with Openair® Plasma nano-technology

    Chemical compounds are still manufactured today almost exclusively in batch processes according to the appropriate formulations. But when highly customized compositions must be created, such as in pharmacology, this traditional approach is very elaborate and difficult to automate...
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  • Plasma medicine – can the direct application of Openair® Plasma heal wounds?

    The term plasma medicine refers to the direct treatment of human cells with plasma. For almost 15 years, the research group under Prof. Gary Friedman at Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) has pioneered work on the use of atmospheric plasma systems to treat the skin...
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  • Disinfection – new methods to disinfect surfaces using atmospheric plasma

    The Openair® plasma process is especially suited for use in safely disinfecting surfaces when combined with pulsed plasma triggering and special process gases...
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