LED technology nowadays plays an integral role in general lighting and in automotive engineering. LEDs have proved popular in general lighting due to their high energy efficiency, long life and adjustable light temperature. In the automotive sector, LED headlights are better at illuminating the traffic area, which increases road safety. The matrix LED front headlights used by major automotive manufacturers is a good example of this.

In automotive interiors it is the design freedom and different lighting effects which have helped LED technology become established. In addition to beam forming, increased resistance to environmental influences has been a major focus of development in LED lights. The aim is to increase the life of an LED and to ensure the core properties of color quality (chromaticity coordinates and color temperature) and efficiency over the product lifetime.

New manufacturing technologies address these developmental goals and offer opportunities for low-cost production.

Construction of a SMD LED. Plasma technology offers solutions for the LED production i.e. lead frame cleaning before the wire bond process.

The use of atmospheric plasma technology in LED production provides solutions to precisely these concerns:

  • Lead frame cleaning (Openair® Plasma) before the wire-bond process
  • Improving adhesion of potting compounds to the molding compound (Openair® Plasma)
  • Applying an anti-stick layer on silicone mouldings (PlasmaPlus®)
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