• Resource and energy efficiency

    It’s simple: Energy that is not consumed does not have to be generated! Plasma technology contributes to the complete replacement of old energy-intensive manufacturing processes with new processes. For example, the drying stage in conventional, wet chemistry processes consumes many times more energy compared to the dry, inline plasma process (energy-efficient surface pretreatment).
  • Sustaining the environment

    In many cases, atmospheric plasma pretreatment eliminates the use of toxic chemicals and the problems associated with their disposal. Plasma activation also delivers reliable adhesive bonding and painting without using solubilizer solvents and thus VOC-free surface pretreatment and manufacturing. It has been verified that the subsequent primer process can be performed chromate-free and water-based using surface coating with atmospheric plasma.
  • Mobility of the future

    The growth and expansion of electro-mobility is the issue of the future in vehicle manufacturing. The development of drive motors with high efficiency and lightweight, efficient energy storage is critical for the success of this project. In order to achieve these properties, the surfaces of the materials used must be selectively modified. Openair® Plasma coating offers the industry a unique process to accomplish that.
  • PlasmaPlus® nanotechnology

    Functional coatings give surfaces completely new functional characteristics – anti-adherent, super-adhesive, flame resistant, antibacterial, scratch-resistant, highly stable, and much more. PlasmaPlus® offers an especially effective method for nanocoating that can be integrated inline for functionalizing surfaces. In cooperation with renowned institutes Plasmatreat initiates and performs research projects in the field of PlasmaPlus® nano-coating.


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