Coil coating – “very good” test results

Plasma pre-treatment for the coil coating process.

NanoCraft, an independent research service provider, tested, on behalf of customers, the systems developed by Plasmatreat. The goals were to proof the applicability of “Openair” plasma in the series production, as well as its efficacy in pre-treating, which means cleaning and activating, of surfaces to be coated.

In the tests, the conventional chemical pre-treatment was used as reference system. In consideration of the material-plasma parameters to be optimized (plasma-focus, intensity/energy input), the qualitative equivalence with the conventional pre-treatment could be shown. The results obtained did not only prove the applicability and efficacy of atmospheric pressure plasma, the plasma pre-treatment achieved rather distinctly better results in many fields than the chemical reference. Herewith the advantages were obvious for our customers: a multitude of chemical treatment-steps can be replaced by a single efficient, environmentally friendly, and therewith cheaper, process.

Dr. Sabri Akari

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